1. Runners and crew must adhere to the Highway Code at all times.

2. Crews must not stop on the actual route (C2C Cycle route) but must always pull COMPLETELY OFF the road into a safe parking area, exit the vehicle and tend to the runner from a safe point at the side of the road. Some off road sections are not accessible by crew vehicles, so runners must be prepared to cover upto 10 miles without aid.

3. Crews MUST NOT assist the runner from the vehicle or tail the runner, OR attempt to speak to the runner from a moving vehicle or slow the traffic. Help for the runner can only be made by parking AHEAD of the runner and providing aid at the side off the road. Other crew members must stay off the road.
Crews must not attempt to park on corners or block entrances/exits.

4. We suggest only one crew member should attend/exit the vehicle at any given time and they must be wearing HIGH VIZ clothing and the appropriate night wear.

5. Runners must wear HIGH VIZ clothing for the entire race duration, FRONT AND BACK. Crews must also do the same. LED 'blinkers' must be worn during the night by ALL runners and ALL crew.

6. Head torches must be worn during the night, but not directly shone at oncoming traffic.

7. Crew vehicles must disply a high viz 'CAUTION RUNNERS' sign to the rear of the vehicle.

8. Runners CAN NOT enter a crew vehicle at any time. Crews can provide a deck chair for seating their runner ONLY in a safe off road area (examples given in crew manual).

9. Any runner entering a crew vehicle will be noted down as 'retired' whatever the circumstances.

10. Crew members cannot pace a runner.

11. Runners who retire must inform the RD straight away.

12. Race numbers must be worn at all times on the front.

13. The runner himself must give his number at the timing stations. Not a crew member.

14. A runner cannot start this race without signing a waiver. We hold NO RESPONSIBILITY for the safety of the runner or his crew. Crew insurance is recommended. The above rules must be adhered, but common sense prevails.

15. Runners crew must carry emergency/compulsory equipment. (water, high viz, food, phone, space blanket, head torch, batteries, money)

16. Runners will be disqualified if they deviate from the set C2C route and must complete any modified sections.

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